Friday, July 13, 2012

This busy week

My kids were at VBS this week, so I got a little time to myself. Oh how I love "I" time. Anyways it gave me a good chance to scope out Target for any new back to school stuff.
My four year old Maddie- so cute!

Maddie and Mason my 8 year old- had so much fun!

I started putting my classroom back together and still need to buy border but couldn't wait to put some things up. I am excited to try out Daily 5 this year.

My Daily 5 board and my BUILD tubs- still need to print the smaller tub labels.

Wall hanging file holders- put roll book at the bottom so students can access incase of an emergency with a sub. The picture on the right isnt yet finished but I spent a few hours working on it and had to show. The pink clips will hold my Anchor chart. I still have to add my Mr. Potato Head pieces to my rules and I needed a few more 3m hooks for my bucket fillers. (that tables not staying there either)
I love this part... gumball math. I did this with my 1st graders last year and they LOVED it! Thank you Click the picture to purchase.
Gumball Math

However, I needed to change it to work for Kindergarten, so this is how I am doing it. click picture

On another note, I decided I needed a change and went from blond to red.
(Of course I have no recent pics of me, but you can tell how I have aged Ha Ha)

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