Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Behavior Management System

Every year we all change up our behavior system, either it wasn't working for the students or for us. Sometimes I even change mine up half way through the year if it starts to loose its fizzle. I have tried the colored card system, the money system and the clip system to name a few. None of those have worked for me.

At recess time I ask "why did you move your clip?" The real reason I ask this is because I FORGOT what they did. OMG!  I also forget to move their clips up when they are being good. Am I loosing it or what?! So with all that, I made a new system.

The new system was based off the fabulous Deanna Jumps Mr. Potato Head Rules Posters. (By the way I made my own- thanks Deanna for the Ok) I needed one to match my room.

So anyways, I asked Mel from Graphics from the Pond if she could create me some body parts to go along with this system. THANKS MEL!

And the Grand Finale........

This comes with Body Bit cards and a Royal Crown card (for those having a Royal Day). The students all start off the day with a Royal Crown in their pocket beause I expect them to all be Royally. I am using a hanging shoe rack pocket  just because the pockets are deeper and no sneaky hands or falling out pieces. I also start with all crowns in the pocket just so I dont have to remember to add a crown throughout the day. When a child is exhibiting poor behavior they choose the card that matches the behavior and put it in their pocket. I am going to put the body bit cards into extra pockets or into tin buckets.
Now at recess I can see what they have been doing- talking, not keeping hands to self, not listening.... So at the end of the day, it is all upon them. They have a monthly calendar in their folder that looks like this. 

The student circles the body parts for that day or the crown if they had a ROYAL day. Then they have a shoulder buddy check their calendar before packing up. Me on the other hand, I'm getting notes passes out, etc instead of coloring folders and writing notes on calendars. YEAH!

I hope you like it. Let me know your thoughts and ideas below. 

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  1. Is there a way to get this file from you? I am thinking about using the potato head rules this year.