Thursday, July 5, 2012

Classroom Decorations

OMG! Yesterday my husband and I went to Target and they are unloading back to school stuff. I LOVE Target! If you are anything like me, your brain is going in a hundered different directions when you see all the cutesy stuff. "What can I use that for... Where would I put that... What can I make with that..."  Right away when I saw these cute rugs for $2.50 each, I thought Read to Self rugs.

Then I spoted this corkboard sign and my husband gave me a great idea to do with it. Stay tuned to see what it will look like. I love those closepins for an anchor chart or maybe to hang my rules on. I should have bought more... UGH!!

Then I bought these wall file folders at a garage sale and knew I could use them. So I made some cute labels and they will be hung by my door.

If you would like the signs click the picture above. The cute rainbow border is from The 3am Teacher

Like many of you I have a ton of Pintrest ideas planned to make before summer ends. That date is creeping up on me sooner than I wish. Three and a half weeks left. Oh, where has the time gone.

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  1. I know what you mean, I feel the same exact way! The summer is flying by. I love those carpets you found at Target & for $2.50! What a steal!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure