Friday, July 20, 2012

Daily 5 chapter 5 read to someone

Sorry for the delay in continuing my posts with the Daily 5. I have been caught up in back to school stuff.
How many of you are guilty of saying "read to yourself quietly?" I know I am. Now, there's this concept of read to someone. What was I thinking for hushing my kiddos when they wanted to talk to someone about there book. Read to someone allows students to hear fluent and expression from others. Plus what a great way to get them talking about a book. Like everything else in D5, read to someone needs to be modeled over and over.
I get the EEKK model, sharing the same book. One student read one page the other read the other page and checking each other for understanding after each page. However one thing I loved about this chapter was where the sisters said students at different reading levels can read their own books to each other. I love this concept but I would be lost reading a page from my book, and then listen to Johnny read a page from his book, and so on.  What are your thoughts on this?

Voice level is always a concern for me when students read to someone. Last year I used voice level poster and it really helped. These will go  back up and be refered to the daily.

I found a really cute book that would be a great lesson on voice level. It's called "Holler Loudly" by Cynthia Leitich Smith. It basically tells a story about a boy that is so loud and everyone tells him to hush, but when the town is in danger he hollers loudly and the town realizes its ok to be loud sometimes and quiet at other times.

I like how the sisters used the demonstration of everyone yelling out "I need a partner." Their respons was- a quiet hand raised signals you need a partner, make eye contact with another person whose hand is raised, and ask in polite voices to be partners. Love it!
Read to someone seems like a pretty simple concept, I hope now I can execute it correctly. Any tips I may need that you veteran D5 teachers have?

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