Sunday, November 27, 2011

Where has the time gone!

I can't believe it is almost December, this year has flown by. I am trying to get more organized and prepare my kiddos for some fun learning in December. I am using Deanna Jumps Mr. Grinch unit this week. I will post pictures on Friday.

Every Friday we do an art project and cooking craft. My students cant wait to make their own snack. This week to go along with our Grinch unit, we will be making "Who Hash"- mixture of cheerios, raisins, m & m's, dried fruit, marshmellows, etc...

Each month I send home a family project for the students to work on with their parents. They love this. For December we will be decorating a tree using patterns. I found this wonderful idea from here Christmas Tree there is also a printable tree pattern. I cant wait to see how the students do.
Here is the letter I send home. December Project letter home

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Sorry its been a VERY LONG time since my last post. Between moving into a new home at the beginning of the school year, my family, and new evaluations at school, to say the least its been a very busy year. Here are some pictures of what we have been doing. (I really need to take more pictures, on the to do list!)

We made chef hats to go along with our FRIDAY FUN DAY! After getting in our tests on Friday, we have a craft and cooking project to go along with our science/ social studies unit.

We made a lifecycle pumpkin craft.

As we were learning about dinosaurs, we got a chance to excavate dinosaur bones. (Yes, those are chocolate chip cookies and toothpicks!) My students worked so quietly and did not want to stop for lunch.
When we talked about living and nonliving things, we used this worksheet (sorry I cant remember which blog it is from. If its yours please let me know) and we went to the playground to record our data. 

Thank you for all the great ideas and inspirations. I have became a better teacher because of you all!!