Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shopping Finds and crafting

Most of you know that summer time is the BEST time to do some school shopping. I find great deals on games, manipulatives, furniture, storage tubs, etc. My rule is- NEVER buy anything that is not on sale. (I buy too much every year and would be absolutely broke if I spent more than $3 or $4 for something). First check garage sales, dollar tree, target sales, and the list goes on.

Here are some things I found at target.

I am going to use the beach balls to hang above my tables and number the beach balls. Cute huh? Then some fun beach signs and I am sure I can find some sorting activity or something to use those cute hamburger baskets. Couldn't pass up 4 for $1.

I know this isn't school related, but I have been searching for bar stools and found these at Target orignially $40 each on sale for $12 each. What a deal!!! I bought all 4 of them. I love how they look!

Here are some crafty things I made.
puffy paint color words. I got these color samples from walmart and used this glittery puffy paints to write the words. Great for tactile learners.

I also found these cute rubber molds at Target. This one is a tribel mask. My kids and I  decided to make some cute crayons.

Then we colored some noodles. This is great for sorting, graphing, patterns, etc.. Check out these super cute cards that Michelle from Inspired by Kindergarten made. Click the picture to get the cards. 

Oh, I got this cute blue chip dip platter at target too!

Last but not least, I am painting these tin bucket that I have used for my daughters candyland party last year. I know, I hear you cringing. They are super cute with the candy design, but they dont fit into my colors this year.

Stay tuned to see how they turned out and what I used them for.

What are some things you use these tin buckets for?


  1. Love thos bar stools and what a great price.