Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Daily 5 & Pinterest

I have been blog stalking and am hooked on the Kindergarten Daily 5 Book Study going on. Therefore, I downloaded the book on my Kindle and haven't wanted to put it down.
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by Gail Boushey

Caitlin at Kindergarten Smiles

Sharing Kindergarten
Mary at Sharing Kindergarten

After reading the first two chapters I thought... I am working WAY to hard. I am constantly creating things to put into my reading stations weekly and trying to keep up with holding them accountable at stations with some form of written work. Oh, My! OVERLOAD!

My Kindergarten team doesnt know it yet, but I am going to get them on board with Daily 5. So of course I search TPT to see whats out there for my classroom and find TONS of great posters and ideas.

Then Pinterest to find ideas for book boxes. DIY book boxes with cereal boxes, how great! So I made this....

and realized that kindergarten books are bigger and wont fit, UGH!  Then I made another one but I turned it like this...

Yeah, bigger books fit!!! Of course I was going to cover them in scrapbook paper and let the students decorate to take ownership of their box. However, as I am working my husband says, "why dont you turn the box inside out and then you wont have to cover it." Really, I didnt think of that!

The finished product...
I added duct tape to the ends to keep them strong all year

Now on the first day of school students can decorate them and give me time to get stuff put away. WIN, WIN for both of us.

My last post was about the letter marbles... well today I had my daughter help me make two sets.

Finished.. notice how my son wanted me to make one with his name on it (well two) This gives me an idea for my students. All kids love things with their names on them. Thanks Mason!

What things have you started making for your classroom? Are you doing Daily 5 and what tips do you have for me?


  1. haha I am saying the same thing--my team has no idea, but I am going to try to convince them all to change to the D5!! Hopefully you will link up with us tomorrow on my blog!!

    Kindergarten Smiles

    1. Caitlin- D5 seems too good to be true, but I am loving reading about it. In 7 weeks I'll put it into play (Where has summer gone). Can't wait to read your next blog!

  2. I'm a High School teacher so unfortunately I don't have any Daily 5 tips but I wanted to stop by and thank you for following my blog! Can't wait to explore some of your posts :)

    Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching

    1. I have started using some WBT last year and my students took to it like I wouldnt believe. I am always looking for more WBT that I could easily put into play with Kindergarteners. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. LOVE this idea! I showed it to a few coworkers. feel free to stop by and follow my blog. I'm doing a giveaway soon!


    1. Please leave me your blog address, I would love to see what you have going on :)... I'm glad I was able to share some ideas. This is what I LOVE about blogging!