Saturday, June 29, 2013

First "Currently"

So I am going for my first "Currently" with Farley, lets see how this goes...

1. My husband is flipping through channels and happened to stop on GAC Country Music channel. We do live 30 minutes from Nashville and love us some country music.

2. We also live out in the country and I love sitting on our front porch, on cool summer nights, watching the traffic go by. (Ya, I know lame, but very peaceful)

3. So we are headed to Michigan for a family reunion this week and I really should have started working out. I went shopping for shorts and was so disappointed- I need to get on an easy, good leg/butt workout if anyone has suggestions. (remember "easy" is the key word)

4. I found a new wine I like and am ready for another glass. Gotta try Barefoot Refresh sweet wine.

5. I am hooked on romance novels. One of my friends calls them my "juicy" books. I just finished reading the third book from Crossfire Series- OMG!!!

6. A little tip: Don't try and do everything. I have so many things I want to do this summer for school, but I really need to relax and enjoy my summer. It will be over before I know it- July 31st is to soon :(

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