Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I TEACH K Conference

I want to go! I want to go! I want to go!

Ok, got it out of my system (not really, sigh). I am so jealous of you all that have been or are going to the I TEACH K conference in Vegas. I saw DeeDee Willis blogging about it this morning and am thrilled for her, as she will be a presenter.  If you want to see all the other awesome presenters click below.

If anyone wants to stow me away in their bags, I would LOVE to go!!!


  1. I feel the same way! I want to go so bad! Maybe one day we will get to. Plus, Vegas! Really!?!? Vegas!!


    Teaching with Grace

  2. Oh my gosh I found your blog and I feel so guilty that I am going to the conference. I wish I could take you. What can I say? I will become a new follower and I want you to save up starting today so I can meet you in VEGAS!
    We will meet next year...

    1. Don't feel guilty! I am thrilled for you. I have already started saving :) Next year will be our 5th year anniversary and we were married in Vegas! (woo hoo!!!) So needless to say, I told him we will not be celebrating in March but July so I can go to the K Conference also. Ha, ha. Anyways, thanks for following my blog. I cant wait to meet you (in person) next year!!