Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Talking, Drawing, Writing Chap. 3

First off, have you ever been so excited for a teaching conference and then felt completely let down. Yea, that happened last week. I wont elaborate, but I sure hope my PD sessions this week are much better.

With that being said, on to chapter 3: Drawing... My worst talent, well besides singing. I know, two things we do a ton of in Kindergarten ;) Anyways-

How many of you felt like there was A LOT of dialog in this chapter? Yes, helpful but also overwhelming to me. Here are some of the important parts I took from this chapter:

A lot of this chapter was observing and drawing with shapes.

*Sketching- yep you heard that right! I never thought about teaching my kiddos to sketch. First teach students to make light strokes until they like what they see then make the lines darker. (love it!)
  - Students will need "sketchbook" and pencil (no erasers)
  - Model sketching face (shapes, placement of eyes, nose, mouth, ears...)

DRAW FIRST- then Write!!!
Yes you heard correctly. I am so guilty of telling my kiddos to write a sentence then draw a picture. I wanted them to get their sentence down before they spend so much time drawing. However I have been WRONG telling them to do so.
Often students forget what they wanted to write, but if they have a picture to refer back to they can remember what they wanted to write about and  often they will elaborate on their writing by referring to that picture. I think I will allow my students to draw a picture, write a sentence then go back and color.

One thing I bought last year to help with my poor drawing skills was by Mrs. Miner. My kiddos LOVED it!! Click below to see how to purchase it.

Draw It Now:  26+ Guided Drawing Literacy Centers for the


  1. Awesome! I love the Mrs. Miner product! Thanks for sharing. I definitely thought there was a lot of dialogue this week but it was super helpful to me. Thanks for linking up!


  2. Thanks for sharing Nicole- love the Mrs. Miner product, I definitely need to invest in that!

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