Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Talking, Drawing, Writing Chap 4

As your doing a read-aloud, are you really focusing on the details of the picture? This chapter talks about how drawings in books convey a lot of information to us. Even if we cant see everything, we can figure out a lot by the details in the pictures.

Talking about the DETAILS in the pictures is going to be something I expand on this year.- using the  drawings to dig deeper......accountable talk (sorry, off track! I went to a training this week on Common Core Tasks and Accountable Talk... loved it, but that will be another blog).

Back on track... I love how they said to use a transparency to put over an illustration to show how bodies are made of ovals. What a great visual! Then students need to learn how to add clothes so the ovals wont show.

Are there other ways to draw people that look "real"? Of course, you may have some illustrators in your room. Here is a great opportunity to have students explain how they draw people. (make sure you choose students who you know can draw people)

How many of you draw people only standing? I do, I do... Maybe I shouldn't admit that. After reading this chapter, it seems so easy now to draw people in other positions by using ovals. Model, Model, Model. Have students start thinking about drawing people in action- running, throwing a ball, sitting, etc.

Other things to think about when drawing- people from their backside (as they are walking into something), hairstyle, skin, eyes, clothing.

Have students plan out what they are going to draw first so they don't resort to "Safe Drawings"- house, windows, tree, people facing forward, sun, flowers...


I look forward to hearing from you all.... on to the next chapter!

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  1. Awesome! I loved this chapter too! I went to a PD a couple of years ago that talked about how boys always draw action where as girls will draw things. It was pretty cool when we did an in service on it with our school faculty. It was totally true!

    Teaching with Grace