Saturday, February 25, 2012

Toothfairies and Sight Word Station

Where did this week go? With only four days this week, I just couldn't justify giving any tests on a Thursday. So I loaded them up with tests yesterday and made time for a fun Toothfairy craft. The way our Reading and Math Block is, there is no time for read alouds or crafts anymore (unless I break the rules and do it my way, which I do sometimes inorder to keep my sanity and the students).

notice the beard on one... lol!

On Thursday we did a whole group letter to the Toothfairy. Brainstormed some great questions we would ask the Toothfairy and some things we would want to tell the Toothfairy. Sorry for the lack of pictures. Then the students had a chance to write their own letters.On Friday I gave them all the pages they needed to make the Toothfairy. They cut them out and were able to put the pieces together how they wanted. However, I used the ELMO and showed them a way because some need a little more guidance. I hot glued google eyes on that way it didnt take so long to dry and the student decorated to their liking. I LOVE how they turned out. They really show each students personality. If you like the pattern check it out at

As for a station idea... if its not a game, I can't keep my kiddos productive. So I made up a human sight word board for my Sight Word Station.
I wrote fry's 100 words (only got to 30) on half index card ( they are in green with the green hand, my intention is to make the second 100 on blue with a blue start hand to differentiate) and used contact paper to stick the words and foam hand to the floor. I love contact paper, it stays down even with mopping and pulls up with no sticky film left. The students could either work with someone or on their own. They used a number spinner from the Dollar Tree. They would spin and move that many spaces. What word they landed on they would say it and write it on a sticky note. When they finished they went back to their seats and wrote a sentence with one of the words they wrote down. This has been a hit so far.

I hope to get some more things made this weekend. I am so excited about teaching with Dr. Seuss Theme this week. I hope to take more pictures.

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