Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Presidents Day Writing Activity

I absolutely LOVE Target. I find the greatest things in the dollar bins. My latest find were cards of the Presidents. I don't do much with teaching Presidents but I thought, what the heck for a buck maybe my kiddos would like to just look at them.

Instead, I decided to laminate them and  do a little first grade research writing. So I made up this worksheet and they filled in the information on two Presidents.

The backside of the cards contained information that the students could easily locate for their writing. 

Here is what the finished products looked like. I displayed them in Presidental order on the hall wall for all the older students to see. I was amazed at how many great reactions I got.

I still have 6 more to add to the wall- once I can convince a few more kiddos to do an extra one for me. I actually had 3 students who wanted to do an extra today :-)

I noticed most of the students wrote the names in capitals... due to the cards having the names wrote all in capitals. UGH!!! Oh well, great teaching moment! They are still super awesome.

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