Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh, NO! It happened....

Last year I had all my files erased from my little junk drive and I was devestated. I thought that was never going to happen again. I bought an external hard drive and backed up my computer then started using it as a way to save files, since it holds so much more and I could throw it in my purse to take to school with me. In the meantime, our laptop had problems and my husband had fixed it many times (I am not the most technology inclined). He had to reset it back to a different starting point to many times ( I say we need a new computer, he says "I'll fix it"...Ugh)

So anyways, I got thinking the other day I really needed to get another external hard drive because when I plug this one in, the computer detects it but if you touch it, its like you pulled it out of the computer. I really think the cord wires are coming out from too much use. Ha, Ha... back to the point, I didnt want to lose anything but also needed to wait for payday to get another. 

I woke up this morning and Oh,No! It happened, I plugged my hard drive in and my computer can not detect it. I am devestated right now. Instant panic says I need to go to school and see if its just my computer, maybe another computer will work. But inside I'm crying because I know I have probably lost hundreds and hundreds of files :-(  

In the meantime, its snowing here in TN and fridgid cold out so Im not attempting to make it to the school until later this afternoon. 

How do you keep up with all your files and the constant changing in technology?

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