Sunday, April 1, 2012


I mananged to tie in Clouds this week with our Scott Foresman reading series and the kids just loved it!
In small reading groups we used a few poems to help us fill out the graphic organizer below. (I have search all morning for the poems printable I downloaded and cant find the author to link you to it. Sorry!) I found this by kindersisters. Click below to get a free copy.
sorry so blurry, not sure how to add

We also used this book to help us fill out the chart. Love the pictures!

Then we made our own cloud pictures with cottonballs and added a writing page from First Grade Fabulosity

We also used 1/2 school glue and 1/2 shaving cream and made clouds. This by far was one of their favorite things.

We also made cloud mobils to distinguish where clouds are found in the atmosphere.

We sang our Water Cycle song and used this printable from First Grade Parade.


It was a very busy week, but had so much fun learning about clouds. 

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