Monday, April 16, 2012

Time Flies!

I have been so busy finishing up my professionalism I haven't had time to blog :-(

Last week we worked on Solids, Liquids and Gases. Some of the activities we did were:  cut solid, liquid and gas pictures from magazines, showed molecules using cheerios, made jell-o and ice cream in a baggie, and watched a video on Brainpop Jr.

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Thank you Rachel Lynette (click above for link)

All the liquids.. half and half worked the best not heavy whipping cream.

Girls shaking their bags

boys shaking their bags... are they done yet?

The ice cream was by far their favorite and mine, for real life application of solids and liquids. I loved how they had the chance to see how it went from a liquid to solid and then back to a liquid. Yes, they did melt fast and Yes, it did get a little crazy trying to make an assembly line for 19 students. However, I had a sweet friend help out. Thank you Ms. Kristy!

We had also been working on graphing in math and did a little jellybean graphing (better late than never).

Only 27 more days of school left. WOW, where has the year gone! Time flies when your having fun.

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