Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fraction Fun!

This week we were working on fractions, "Well parts of a whole" to be exact. First Grade Common Core says that students should be able to partition the whole into two of or four of equal shares and describe the whole as two of or four of the shares. That is exactly what we did using Christie Berlener's Pizza Fraction Fun.

I always wondered how teachers had the time to cut out all the pieces for their students. For everyone that is wondering like me... this is what I did. Multiple pieces are copied onto one paper and I cut them apart to distribute to each student. I gave out one piece at a time and allowed the students to cut the shape out. (as you can tell some of the heads are different sizes). Then I would give the next piece and so forth. All students stayed with me and used their listening skills. As you notice some of the blue pieces of paper are vertical and some are horizontal, I did not specify (yeah I know that would drive some of you OCD teachers crazy) but that allowed it to be more of their own and having to problem solve to fit all the pieces on. Once all the pieces were on I walked them through the writing part of it.

We also had a chance to make our own pizzas.
1/2 english muffin, spoonful sauce, spoonful cheese, and pepperonis.

Our wonderful cafeteria ladies put them in the oven for me- about 10 minutes.

I wish we would have had more time to graph our likes/ dislikes.

We also had a chance to make ice cream cone fractions from Libby Tyler. Loved this!

What a great way to get in some math writing.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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