Friday, March 2, 2012

Student Blog

How many of you have heard of This is a really cool website that allows you to create a class blog where all comments are administrated through the teacher. I love how it gives me a chance to learn more about my students and them to practice writing (typing) complete sentences. Check it out below.

As for Dr. Seuss Day... It was definitely crazy here in TN. It started off with me forgetting everything at home and having to call my wonderful husband to drop things off on the way to work. UGH!!! Then we had picture day, so I planned for a little chaios. But on top of all of this, we closed school 3 hours early due to tornado watch. This ment we had to get 710 students through the lunch line (eating lunches in rooms) and all parents called. Talk about being exhausted. My kiddos really did well, but we didn't get in any of the Dr. Seuss stuff I wanted to . Since next week is a short week- Parent Conferences, Character Parade, and Positive Behavior School Wide Celebration, I am sure my kiddos won't mind doing some fun Dr. Seuss things too! :-)

Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!

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