Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Play and learning

Exhausted is the only word I know since school started. We are now into our third week of school and my kiddos are starting to meet my expectations... No turning in scribble scrabble, you need to try, people are not purple, we can't whine or cry to get our way, yes you have to be nice to others and share. I could go on forever but I'm sure you completely understand. I needed some excitement in my room and learning at the same time so as usual I go all out with my stations.

At blocks they are putting stickers on Mine Craft Blocks to build their name. Yes the coolest paper blocks ever according to my kiddos. 

At writing they are learning to write names and use envelopes to mail it off in our mailbox. 

In dramatic play they are optometrist and opticians. This has been the hot station! They have to read the letters to see if they need glasses and then the doctor may also write them a prescription. Ha, ha gotta love it!

At sensory they are bakers and can bake up some letter cookies with the Young Living oil playdough that I made 😍 or they can use the paper chocolate chip cookies above and put their ABCs in order. I love listening to them sing the song and help each other. 

I thought I may keep these stations up for next week since it's a short week, but I'm excited about teaching maps next week and having some new "play" literacy stations. 

Check back to see what I come up with next!

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