Saturday, July 11, 2015

Makeover Time- Class Reveal

I took some time off from my blog (a whole year, yikes!) and therefore I thought it would only be appropriate to start fresh with a new blog design. Woo hoo! 

Here are some things I had worked on over the summer:

Yep a little fun with reading nursery rhymes, jokes, and poems! I'm so excited to use this. 

I also wanted to try brag tags this year so I started creating my own and have 30 made so far for academics and behavior. 

I Mod Podged some clipboards to hang student work on. 

And painted a few cool canvases! 

Here's the before:

Here's the after with my Superhero theme. I'm in love!

Love my reading area!

As you can see I have no tables and chair. 😁 I'm doing without them this year and in place have clipboards with other seating. 

Today was our first day of school and so far so good! We do a phase in this first week so Monday-Wednesday we take 1/3 of the class each day and then Thursday and Friday 1/2 class each day. 

Can't wait to see my group of kiddos tomorrow!!!

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