Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Play in ELA Stations

Is it just "play" or are they learning? To me play is learning if done in the correct way. When I prepare new stations, which most of the time is weekly, I have to ask myself "Are the students reading or writing?" If so, is it meaningful writing or reading. At the beginning of kindergarten it may not look very meaningful to others, but you all know if they are practicing those letters it all pays off later on. 

So how do you encourage kindergarteners to write? Build a ship! 
Yep! Look how enticing this is for a little one. They can't wait to go there to create their treasure maps. 

We worked on map skills and had to add a little fun Friday....
We made "earth" cookies after discussing differences between a globe and a map. Blue frosting water and green sixlets land = one yummy earth!

This week I set up a grocery store to get students excited to read and write.

You know you want to come and play... to be five again, ahhh. First you have to fill out your grocery list before you can "shop". Love making those lists!

The kiddos have asked to keep the grocery store for next week. I also asked them what things they like to work on at other stations. I love their input, makes it more meaningful to them. Do you ask your kids what they want to work on?

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