Monday, January 6, 2014

First Blog in 2014- Penguins

How many of you were suppose to start back to school today? Yep, me too. Here in Tennessee it is so cold that we have today and tomorrow off. I know all you up north are laughing that 6 degrees is nothing compared to what you have, but to us.... IT'S COLD!!

Today is also a special day, my oldest turned 10 today. OMG.. where has the time gone.
He was complaining (like any typical 10 year old boy) that he wanted to stay home for his birthday and why wouldn't I take the day off so he could. Ha, he got his wish.
Anyways, we had a teacher day last Friday so I had a chance to get things ready for our Penguin theme when we go back to school. Here are a few things we will be doing.
Dramatic Play center- In the black bins are supplies for
"How to make Hot Chocolate" &
"How to make soup"
Here is the sign... Click on the picture
The how to make soup is still in the works today ;)

a little compare and contrast with the Fairy Penguin and Emperor Penguin

Have you ever made "Fake" Snow!! OMG it is the coolest thing. I found it here

Momma's Fun World: Make your own "Fake" sensory snow
My daughter and I had to try it out

This will go into my Science/Social Studies center with some magnifying glasses to look at the penguins. By the way, I got the penguins at Hobby Lobby in a Penguin Toob. Use a 40% off coupon and you pay a little over $5. My daughter had to look up each penguin also.
I made this to go along with the station so they could copy down the recipe incase they wanted to try it at home and of course what better way to get them reading at the station.
I have some more exciting things going on at my centers this week, but of course I forgot to take pictures. I cant promise you, but I'll really try to get those so you can see some other ideas.
Hope you all are staying warm today!!


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