Monday, July 15, 2013

Shopping Deals with Steele

Woo Hoo! Show me what ya got!.... No really, I want to see all the amazing things you all bought for your classrooms. For me, back to school shopping is like taking a kid into a candy store and watching their eyes bulge out of their head, then the dazed look. That look is our brains saying "what can I do with this?" or "What can I make with this?" My kids look at me crazy and can't figure out why it takes SOOO long for me to get out of the school supply isle.
So here's the rules, because teachers have rules for EVERYTHING  ;)
1.  You must provide a picture
2. PLEASE tell WHERE you got it
3. Share some love and tell your friends to link up
And on with the program

I'm going to put my name on this cute tag to hang on my board. The kiddos love writing my name :) I have some of the dry erase line boards from last year, but they are horizontal and I really liked the vertical boards for my small reading group. I found the pouch and thought I could use it to take to the playground with Band-Aids and tissues inside.
I ALWAYS need more flash cards. I let the kiddos use them after they are done with their work. Thank you notes and stickers. 

I got the binder pouch and Scento markers (A MUST)  at target and the post its at Big Lots.


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