Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

Where to start!? Oh.My.Gosh, I LOVE Pinterest, but it has seriously taken over my life. I even have my 9 year old son asking if we can look on Pinterest- gotta love it!
from An Educator's Life
I love the idea of individual students being able to add a letter for a reward and the whole class working together.
school photo collage
from Jo's Photomojo
I am doing this at the beginning of the year and framing it to go on my board. That way I can always refer back to it of "Why" you have to know (how to read... to be a Doctor or Teacher, how to mix colors... artist/ makeup artist).

From Extra Special Teaching
When you do sight word assessments do you have a rule for how long you give them to read them? Maybe 1,2,or 3 seconds. Putting it into a power point allows for "know it or not."

My little one starts Kindergarten and LOVED having notes in her lunchbox in preschool. This is such a cute idea.
This changed my whole life
I NEED this in my classroom!!!! Kiddos wouldn't have to leave to use the drinking fountain.
Minds in Bloom: Exploing "Would You Rather..." Questions
by Minds in Bloom
These are cute questions to maybe start off morning meeting or a time when you want kids to start a discussion.



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