Friday, May 10, 2013

Mothers Day

This has been a CRAZY week for me. My little one had been sick most of the week with some sinus stuff, so I played doctor mommy and had to get a sub.
If you are anything like me- I hate being gone. I had so many cute things planned for yesterday and felt a sub may go crazy trying to do any of those Mother's Day crafts.

So, Super teacher mode kicked in today and we made a TON of things for mom. All I heard was... "I love you," "you are the best teacher," and "this is so much fun." I am glad they loved it, but I am EXHAUSTED!!! (ok and a little giddy that they really enjoyed school today)

Aren't these the cutest little flowers you have ever seen?
We planted flowers and I put a ziplock bag over them to keep the soil from spilling all over...
you know, just incase they happen to drop them ;)

So cute I love how they turned out. Thank you pinterest!!!
We also made stained glass pictures, but of course I forgot to take pictures. Here's what I did. Take any color page and color the whole thing with markers (no black or brown). Then put newspaper in a box and the color page on top. Paint vegtable oil all over the picture covering it completely. Then put newspaper on top. Now its ready for the next person to do the same. Put their picture on top, paint, add newspaper and so on. The newspaper will absorb the oil and it will look transparent when it dries.
I also interviewed my kiddos about their moms and attached it to the backside of the hand flowers before laminating them. Here is the cute page I used.
I only have 9 days of school left, but who's counting... I hope to relax a little this Mothers Day weekend before our big field trip to the Nashville Childrens Theater to see Go, Dog, Go!!! I cant wait.
In the meantime, Happy Mothers Day to you all!!!

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