Saturday, May 25, 2013

Schools out for the Summer.....

I can hardly believe that this year is done!!! I hope many of you are celebrating or should I say relaxing like I am. (Do teachers even relax?!) I know my mind is already thinking about next year. How will I decorate my room, What will I do different, What things can I make this summer, What will I get out of my professional developments, and what new books to read?
I am REALLY wanting to do another book study this summer. I will let you know within the next week what book study I have joined or if I plan on hosting my own. Yippeeee!!! Last year I LOVED the Daily 5 book study.
In the meantime, my family is heading to the beach this week for a little relaxation. I am soooo excited!!!! This is where we will be staying :)

What are your plans? How are you going to relax and what are your thoughts on a book study?


  1. Girl We are so jealous. That looks so wonderful. Ya'll have a great time.

    Kristy and Misty

  2. Girls- We did have a wonderful time, couldn't have asked for better weather. Now back to reality and some book studies... and a whole bunch of laundry.