Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Little Bit of Everything...

We have been working so hard to prepare our kids for our first standardized test (yes, in Kindergarten- I know WAY CRAZY) and I was beyond overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated... We needed a FUN FRIDAY! They have worked so hard and I know they will do great!

So here's a little of what went on for our FUN FRIDAY:

They had to write nonsense words that I had said and then some CVC and sight words.
Before they could have free draw, they had to write me a sentence... I'm a little partical to this one :)

Just being kids!!!
We started off with a little shaving cream...
but as you see, it became very messy!
We did a little math this week using Greg Smedley's glitter phones. SO CUTE!!!! I'm sure you all have bought many of his products... My kiddos love everything he does!

I decided they needed a little bit of movement, so I spread the phones around the room and they got to choose which phones to add.

AND THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN... 19 days left with a LOT of fun days (School Carnival, field day, Kindergarten Luau, and Kindergarten Graduation).
What do you do to keep your sanity and theirs, while making it fun? I would love to hear any suggestions.

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