Sunday, March 10, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Math and Scavenger Hunt

I am so impressed with how fluent my students are in addition, but subtraction is a different story. The numbers just dont seem to stick like they did with addition. I think its the whole counting backwards thing that seems tricky. So during math everyday, we start with some songs to help with subtraction visuals.

Counting Down From Twenty Song
Count down from 20
Five Little Turkeys (Subtraction Song)
Five Little Turkeys
Subtraction Song - Five Finger Jive Math Song for Children
Five Finger Jive
I also created this St. Patrick's Day Cover and Win game to use this week in small math groups. There are 6 boards and directions on how to play. I will start off using dice first and then go to flashcards. You can give each student a board or they can have a half of a board with a partner. Click below if you would like to purchase it from my TPT store.
I also created a Rhyming Scavenger Hunt. My kiddos loved the Gingerbread Scavneger hunt we did way back in December and they're ready for another. This includes 6 places for the students to visit around the school. I cant wait to see their reaction.
Click above if you would like to purchase this from my TPT store.
Thanks for looking! I hope you are enjoying some beautiful weather like we are in Tennessee.

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