Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spinning, Building, and Scrambled

That kind of sums it up!!! So what better than Spring Break and a little camping?! Well minus the camping... We planned to go camping, however with snow flakes spinning around us and 37 degrees (yes in Tennessee and almost April) we had to cancel.

So instead we have tried to keep the kids busy around here.

If you have not seen this movie... its a must!!! So cute. My kids loved it, however my son being 9 was way to cool to sit for a picture.

This is a great family game.
On to some more exciting games and a little building. I saw this over at A Differentiated Kindergarten and instantly thought this would be great for my kinders. If I don't win this it will be on my "to buy" list. You have to check out Marsha's boys in action. I want to join in and build. 
With a little more time, I decided to create a Scrambled Eggs Literacy and Math mini-unit.


Let me know what you think. Anyone else on Spring Break this week?

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  1. Hey Nicole,
    Found you through Tennessee blogger. We are too. We are your newest followers. Hop on over and visit us when you get a chance. We are on spring break right now. And would you know my son gets the flu the first day in. REALLY???? Happy Spring Break.
    Kristy and Misty