Monday, August 5, 2013

Made it Monday- Back to school Freebie

I have been BUSY this week. We started back today, testing K kiddos to place into classrooms (see my post yesterday). However, I still wanted to share some of my goodies.
First off, I have a ton of windows, don't be jealous, but seriously I had to cover them since I couldn't see my screen. (Before curtains are the cute stripes.) 
So I realized I didn't like how the curtains looked because the windows are wider than a standard window. Easy fix, cut them in half. 😀

Now that's starting to look better.
I made some cute curtain ties but forgot to take pictures... ugh!!!

I made these cute CAFE signs to go with Sharingkindergarten's reading strategy cards. I didn't stop there, of course I needed a cute board to display them on, so I spray painted some cardboard and attached them together with duct tape.

Added some ribbon...

Now, look how cute!
If you like the CAFE posters, you can get them here. 
 I hope you all are enjoying what's left of your summer or having a great back to school start.

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