Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kindergarten Back to School Freebies

I can hardly believe my summer is OVER. Yes, panic attack, we go back to school TOMORROW. Fortunately, I still have another two days to actually be "ready" for kiddos.

Here is how our school does "Kindergarten." We have two Registration Nights for the whole school where 1st-5th go to meet their teachers and fill out paper work (they find out their students in the summer) and all Kindergarten students come to one room to fill out papers and get a 30 minute testing time for the first day back to school. So we had 101 kindergarteners register on those nights and we'll see them tomorrow. {Another panic attack.}

Once us, K-teachers (5 of us) test them tomorrow, we divide the kids up into classrooms based on scores, age, gender, and ethnicity. We like to have a diverse class. However, parents are aloud to request teachers- which we had a lot of this year :). Then we call parents Tuesday to let them know who their teacher will be and give them an orientation day.

Orientation days are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We take 1/3 of the class each of those days to phase them in. Then they all start full time the next Monday.

I LOVE this because we are a Title One school and students come in at all different levels which allows us a little more one on one time.

So do you all have something like this or do they throw them all in and see if you survive the first week? ;)

Now on to some freebies!!
I have used a clip chart for How We Go Home in the past, but it didn't work for me since I never knew what bus the kiddos rode, if I just clipped their name under the bus tag, so I made these posters to put in a picture frame and write on the glass with a dry erase marker. There are a few different versions.

I was also looking for something different for Birthdays and came up with these...
What do you think?! Birthday Bling Pops!!!! Click pic for freebie
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