Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Missing in Action!!! Weather Cause & Effect Freebie

First and foremost.... I am so sorry for my lack of creating and posting. OMG! I didnt realize my first year in Kindergarten would be so exhausting and demanding. I have to say, Kindergarten is something different on its own and I have a new appreciation for all you kinder teachers. :) Since I have taught first for a few years, I thought... It cant be that much different. Ha, was I wrong.

Anyways, so much has gone on but I dont have enough to time to catch up so I'm starting from here. We have had the craziest weather this winter in Tennessee. Last week was our first "snow day" for ice and today being our second "snow day" due to tornadic weather. My two kids 9 and 5, to say the least were frightened that I had woke them up at 3am. We are all safe, but very scary being in our safe place and feeling the whole house shake.

Hope you can enjoy a little Weather Cause and Effect page.

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