Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Much needed update

It has been a BUSY month! Here are a few things that were going on. I really need to take more pictures! This snowman template was from http://firstgradeblueskies.blogspot.com/

This is something I created for teaching verbs for now and verbs for the past. A highlighter always makes learning more fun!

Yea! we even got a few flurries in Tennessee. By morning... not much snow was left. My daughter still had to dress the part. (gotta love it)

 Back to work... Some more snowman ABC order from here and word works station- making words, sorry I dont remember where I got this from.

Then a little on Penguins from here.  I need to learn to draw, not so cute of a chart, but my kiddos really worked well brainstorming ideas for it. 

I hope to update my blog more and take more pictures in February. Be looking for some freebies soon. It has been AWHILE.

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